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Water Damage

HP Laptop Care > Water Damage

Where we will assess all elements, clean up any internal clogs and make it running just like new. Resist the curious impulse to turn it around and see whether it works because if it is not totally dry inside, you will simply be ensuring it works .

Laptop with Water Damage

Even if the damage is too expensive to completely mend, we can always pull any private files and data off your hard disk so that the most precious portion of your notebook, your data is protected. Well, unless you are a PC. Laptop with water damage and spill damage is a frequent problem we see in any Laptop. While it’s someone leaving their laptop out from the rain, knocking over a glass of champagne on the computer keyboard, & getting your child treat your notebook as though it’s his sandbox.

Laptop Liquid Spill

From pop up spills to sea water, we have seen everything. Our technicians are going to have a peek at the liquid harm to your notebook and provide you a free estimate to get it up and running just like brand new. And if we can not fix it, then you won’t pay!

What to Do if you spill something on your Laptop?

Accidently if you spill something on your own notebook, the major thing to do would be to not panic. Unplug your notebook, pull your battery out, and turn the notebook over so the liquid melts OUT of your own ‘laptop with water damage’ otherwise it can damage internal electrical parts.

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